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M-950 Portable Bed weighing Scale



The M-950 Bed Weighing Scale is our latest bed weigher, answering many customers' requests for a portable bed weighing system.

The M-950 mobile bed scale consists of four pads that can be simply placed under the wheels of the bed, meaning there's no need to move the bed to another room for weighing. A preset tare function means the weight of the bed can be automatically taken off the reading, leaving just the precise weight of the patient on the scale's display.

The four pads are lightweight, too, meaning the M-950 is a portable bed weighing scale that can be moved between hospital wards or care home rooms, either by using the carry handles on each pad, the trolley or the carry cases.

The M-950 Bed Weighing Scale pads are low profile, making this a bed weighing system suitable for almost any bed.

  1. Operation

    • Mains/Rechargeable

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Model Capacity Accuracy Platform Size Weight Approved? Price
M-950 - 600 600kg 200g 390x260x45mm per pad 5 kg per pad Yes (Class III) £3130.00
M-950 - 1000 1000kg 500g 390x260x45mm per pad 5kg per pad Yes (Class III) £3130.00

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